Book Review – Spelt Healthy!

I went to the library and borrowed Spelt Healthy!
It is not all baking recipes, there are a lot of meal recipes as well. Many of the meal and dessert recipes are not OK for me to make. It seems worth buying just for some of the recipes:
3 bread machine bread recipes
light and dark rye/spelt breads
French bread
dinner rolls
several “regular” spelt bread recipes
maple scones
tortillas (I have been missing being able to have enchiladas and quesadillas)
A few other pizza dough recipes (maybe I should try one of these others next week)
char shiu bao (Chinese filled buns — this recipe will need some tweaking to make it OK but I love these meat filled dim sum buns)

So far I have tried one of the bread machine recipes that uses honey and goat’s milk. I made it with my whole wheat and white settings, the whole wheat setting made the bread come out too hard. It sinks down in the middle, but that seems to always happen with my bread machine. It is a really tasty bread, so far it’s the best spelt bread recipe I have tried. I made it with all whole grain spelt flour, since it’s hard to find the “white” spelt flour around me.

Edited to add:
The French bread recipe is excellent. It has a real French bread style crust, although it tastes more like a nice honey wheat.

The maple scones were a hit among my family and guests.

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