Goat’s Milk Cream Cheese

I did kind of a hybrid between Crystal’s Cream Cheese and the French-style cream cheese recipe in Home Cheesemaking, and this came out just perfectly. It has a great taste to it.

4 cups goat’s milk
1 packet mesophilic starter (or 1 oz. prepared mesophilic starter)
1 drop rennet diluted in 1/4 c. water

Heat goat’s milk to 80 degrees (on the stove). Remove from heat and add starter and rennet. Mix thoroughly. Cover and let set at room temperature for 24 hours.

Carefully scoop the curds into a colander lined with butter muslin (if you don’t have butter muslin, I have done soft cheeses in regular muslin, as long as it is well-washed to remove any chemicals). Tie it into a bag and hang to drain for 6-12 hours (until it stops dripping). I usually hang it on a kitchen cabinet over a bowl.

Open the bag and empty the cheese into a bowl. Stir it well to get a smooth, even consistency, and refrigerate. It should keep about a week.

Makes around 1 pound of cheese.

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