I don’t mention breakfast in our meal plans because usually my breakfast consists of homemade granola with goat’s milk, and the guys eat Cheerios and milk.

Sometimes we mix it up a little.

This baked oatmeal recipe is awesome, and her idea to freeze it in serving-size containers is perfect. I used honey, runny goat’s milk yogurt (or yogurt and milk), and flax seed with water instead of the eggs (1 Tbsp flax seed, ground, and 3 Tbsp water per egg). If you grind the flax seed more loosely, it makes a nice texture. This is great to take a container out of the freezer the night before and a handful of assorted frozen fruit, and then the fruit is melted and makes an excellent topping.

Baked French toast is my latest kick. I can use up the odds and ends of slightly stale spelt bread (it’s not beautiful like that, but it is still tasty). The French bread from Spelt Healthy makes the BEST French toast (we had a few pieces left from Thanksgiving, so I mixed them in with the other bread). I’ve tried 2 recipes so far, both excellent, and theoretically you can make it ahead and freeze it, although I haven’t tried.

The first is pretty basic, topped with nuts. I substituted goat’s milk for soy milk, arrowroot powder for cornstarch, and used 1/4 cup maple syrup in the topping instead of the sugar and maple syrup combined. (I also poured the leftover batter over the bread in the casserole dish to make it moister after soaking the bread, which seemed to work perfectly). It was very popular with the family. It should have pretty decent protein, between the nuts and the milk, although I didn’t calculate it.

The second has a cream cheese filling, so is even higher in protein. I used the rest of my goat’s milk cream cheese and goat’s milk instead of soy milk (although the soy is fine too, I just try not to use too much soy in our diets), and substituted maple syrup instead of the sugar. This one was tasty and well-received as well. The first recipe is sweet enough to not add any more maple syrup (although the guys did anyway), but the second recipe is very lightly sweet, so people used to sweet French toast will either need to add maple syrup over the top or some kind of fruit (as the recipe suggests). It might be nice with applesauce or apple butter.

Then there are always the cinnamon rolls that I posted the recipe for the other day.

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