Book Review – Allergy Cooking With Ease

I came across this author’s books when looking for yeast-free spelt bread recipes, so I borrowed Allergy Cooking with Ease: The No Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Corn, and Soy Cookbook from the library to check out. She has 2 others I want to look at, one I have on order from the library, the other one is a breadmaking book.

So far, I think this book is great. Pretty much anything in this book I can eat, I think. So far, I have tried to make Harvard beets (excellent) and yeast-free, quinoa bread, and we decided that quinoa is a disgusting flour to use as a main flour. Oh well. I want to try the yeast-free spelt bread (there are 2 recipes). She also has a yeast-free pizza crust that I will try on one of these pizza Fridays, and recipes for making homemade manicotti with spelt and goat cheese. I haven’t made manicotti in years, so I want to try it.

Some of the recipes are pretty basic, because she caters to the fact that people may have really restricted diets. There aren’t a ton of main-dish recipes that I want to try, but there are some great baked goods, salads, condiments, etc. I love this book just for the fact that there is a sugar-free, vinegar-free ketchup recipe! I miss ketchup. You can’t find sugar-free commercial ketchup, at least not near me, not even in the health food store.

Another great thing about the book is with a lot of baked goods, she offers several versions, the spelt version, the quinoa version, the kamut version, the amaranth version, etc. I wasn’t able to find a cookie recipe to satisfy a crowd of friends with various food sensitivities and allergies (gluten-free, nut-free) — well, there were quinoa carob brownies, but I opted to make other treats for the party.

This is definitely one for the library if you have severe diet limitations. Like the author says in the foreword, it gives you a way to still enjoy the things you like to have, even if you have limitations.

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