Book Review: The Scandinavian Cookbook

My library has a great program where you can request a book for them to purchase, so I chose this one because it looked and sounded great, and I wanted to read it. This is not a really allergy-friendly cookbook, but The Scandinavian Cookbook is an amazing cookbook. The photos are absolutely beautiful.

There are plenty of recipes for people with special diets, including spelt buns and plenty of meat and fish dishes, or recipes than can be altered to accommodate. The cookbook is organized into months, so you can eat seasonally. Some recipes that sound especially great are several types of smørrebrød, Frittatas with bacon, tomatoes, and chives (one I may try soon because chives are growing in my garden and eggs were on super sale this week), Wienerschnitzel with braised potatoes, Chicken liver pate with aquavit, Gravlax with sweet mustard sauce, Lamb shanks with apricots and spices and parsley mashed potatoes. There are plenty of less Scandinavian-specific recipes, if you don’t love pickled herring and pate, as well as plenty of great breads and desserts (not very wheat free, though, and lots of dairy recipes). Still, I think I am going to get a copy of this book when I have extra spending money.

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