Meal Recap

We tried all new dishes this week, and they were all great. We ended up switching out the planned meal for Friday for the bacon, tomato, and chive frittata from The Scandinavian Cookbook , because the bacon and tomatoes needed to be used up, and I hadn’t gotten around to making goat cheese for Friday’s meal. It was really good and fast to make (great for a Friday!), and I imagine it will become a summer meal favorite, especially if we end up getting chickens.

The Spiced and Fragrant Chicken was great too. The chicken legs that I got had bits of chicken liver stuck to them for some reason (eww, commercially processed chicken, but it was so cheap we had to buy it), but that actually enhanced the dish. It seems like it would be a good recipe for whole chickens that you boil to make stock, and just throw the meat and liver into the sauce and cool it in the sauce a while (or maybe just put the sauce and spices and chicken into the freezer, and then cook it a little longer when you reheat it so the flavors have time to cook together). The recipe makes probably a generous meal for 4, plus leftovers.

Chicken Taco Bake is a new family favorite (and cost us almost nothing because we were using leftover turkey that was from a free turkey), and everyone loved the cortido. I am going to have to try more lacto-fermentation for sure.

I loved the curried lentils, but no one else did, so they aren’t going into a regular rotation.

And other than the texture from the starch, the Ginger Beef & Carrots was another good one (and we like to have several crockpot meals to alternate from, since I am trying to use the crockpot twice a week).

I like trying new recipes, because I get bored and also because I like us to have some variety in our diet. Plus, I’ve been trying to test out both cheap and make-ahead meals; I’m hoping to do a real freezer cooking session one of these weeks.

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