Book Review: Fast Food My Way

I recently heard Jacques Pépin on the radio, talking about his new cookbook, More Fast Food My Way. I thought, this sounds like a great idea: a French chef who wrote two books on cooking quickly. As a working mom with special dietary needs, I love the idea of fast meals that don’t involved processed foods. (Note: some of these books do include processed foods for the sake of speed, especially the new one, but it’s mostly for desserts).

These cookbooks are more “mainstream” than the ones I have been focusing on; I have been reading a lot of cookbooks based on special diets or “traditional foods” (ala Weston Price) or allergy/gluten-free cooking. Many of the recipes have wheat and/or dairy, so they are just out, but Fast Food My Way has a lot of recipes without all of those things, or that can have substitutions. Some recipes are still a little complex (too many ingredients to want to deal with after working all day), but many of them just sound great, such as:

Chicken Tonnato (chicken breasts with anchovy and tuna)

Chicken on mashed cauliflower with red hot salsa (great for those of us who can’t have potatoes!)

Codfish in walnut-cilantro sauce

Glazed salmon in mirin

Bean puree with anchovies

Pumpkin soup with toasted walnuts (this one was excellent, although I changed it up a bit; even my husband liked it)

I think this would be a great addition to the home cookbook library, and would make an excellent holiday gift! I prefer this one to the newer one, although the newer one has some gems as well; but if you just want to get one book, this is the one to pick.

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