Tuesday Twister – 11/10/09

I decided to participate in GNOWFGLINS Tuesday Twister blog carnival this week, because there are a lot of fun things going on in my kitchen this week. i feel like I was cooking all weekend. My camera is not behaving so I don’t have good pictures right now.

Wardeh sent me some goat kefir grains, so I have been having fun getting goat’s milk kefir going. I made some kefir pancakes, but they weren’t soaked because I didn’t plan ahead, so I’m going to try making soaked kefir pancakes later. I also made some soaked-grain “cornbread”.

Even though we’ve been having some warm weather here, I seem to be in soup mode. I made pumpkin soup, white bean and kale soup, and beef stew.

I also did a lot of appetizer cooking & baking this weekend: I had a friend’s birthday party and a church celebration to bring food too, so I used up some things I had around the house (cooked chick peas, a zucchini, swiss chard from the farmer’s market) and made hummus, zucchini & onion pakoras, swiss chard and feta egg squares, pumpkin cupcakes with carob frosting, and carob chip cookies.

Go see the Tuesday Twister at Wardeh’s blog for more kitchen fun!

2 Responses to “Tuesday Twister – 11/10/09”

  1. Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS™ Says:

    Ooh, I think I’m going to have to try your cornbread. I’m really glad the kefir is working for you – it is always worrisome to send those little pets cross country. 🙂 Thanks for joining the twister this week – I’m really happy you did!

  2. Millie Says:

    It all sounds great. Especially the pumpkin cupcakes. Yum.

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