Book Review: French Farmhouse Cookbook

I had just been reading somewhere about French Farmhouse Cookbook, and then I stumbled upon it at my library book sale today, so I had to pick it up. I have another cookbook by the same author (), and I really like it, so I figured this would be another good addition to my cookbook library.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected. I was hoping for some recipes for French peasant food, lots of soups and inexpensive ingredients. There are a few soup recipes, and a few intrigue me, like Winter Potage and Green Cabbage Soup. Many of the recipes (like traditional French cooking) call for wine, and lots of (sometimes expensive) ingredients. However, it seems to be a good cookbook in its own right (since the recipes in her other book are all very good, I expect that these will be the same).

Now that I am wheat-free, dairy-free and avoiding refined sugar, there are many lovely sounding dessert recipes that I won’t ever even attempt. I might try converting one or two desserts from this book at some point.

One of the real strengths for this cookbook is the fact that it gives you many different ways to prepare various kinds of meat. Looking for a spin on roasted chicken and not feeling creative? How about Chicken in a Bread Crust (converting the recipe to use a diet-appropriate bread), Chicken with Walnuts, or Chicken with Lemon Thyme (that makes me want to plant some in my garden next year). There is a really good sounding recipe for using stewing hens (although it does have quite a few ingredients). Do you need a way to prepare guinea hen or rabbit? This will help out. There are seven duck recipes, and several beef, lamb, veal, and pork recipes. I look forward to trying some of these out on a weekend when things aren’t hectic.

Now, does anyone have a suggestion for a cookbook for cheap peasant cooking ideas, since this one doesn’t fit the bill for that?

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