Menu Plan Monday – Week of 11/30/09

We got a free natural turkey from our supermarket that is in our freezer, since our Thanksgiving turkey was a local free-range turkey that my mother brought us, and we have a leg of smoked lamb in our freezer for Christmas from my mother-in-law, so our goal is to defrost the freezer after Christmas. This means that everything in the freezer must go, so the theme this week is eating Thanksgiving leftovers or eating from the freezer. Because the turkey was free-range, it wasn’t as big as we would have liked for the size crowd that we had, so we only have two pounds of leftover turkey (but 21 cups of stock!) in the freezer, and it won’t be a leftover turkey fest.

Monday – Leftover Squash Custard (based on the Acorn Squash Custard in Week 2 of the Nourished Kitchen Food Stamp Challenge, but with leftover spiced mashed squash with pecans), lacto-fermented sauerkraut

Tuesday – Shrimp Stirfry (leftover veggies from veggie platter on Thanksgiving with shrimp from the freezer), brown rice

Wednesday – White Turkey Chili

Thursday – Altar Guild dinner, the guys will treat themselves with takeout hamburgers and ice cream

Friday – Garlic Parmesan Chicken (made with sheep’s milk Romano instead)

If anyone is looking for ideas on what to do with their leftover turkey, here are some of my favorites:
Turkey Korma

Gratin of Penne, Turkey, and Mushrooms (this one uses leftover gravy and leftover swiss cheese if you served cheese and crackers)

Asian Turkey Noodle Soup (This is a very Vietnamese Pho-like soup.)

Stacked Turkey Enchiladas (if you can’t find chipotle chilis, add some cut up jalapenos from a jar and chili powder or chipotle chili powder to the beans)

Stay tuned this week for details on a cookbook giveaway!

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