Tuesday Twister – More Sourdough – Beef Stock – Flavored Yogurt – Turkey, Black Bean, and Chipotle Enchiladas


It’s been another marathon weekend in the kitchen. Sadly, my digital camera is not working so we can’t have any pictures.

  • I finished and bottled the ginger beer that has been fermenting on my counter. It should be ready to try in a week. If it works well, I’d like to try some of the recipes here… I kept my ginger beer bug going to I can try using it again.
  • I made an attempt at making baguettes with Wardeh’s spelt sourdough recipe. The spelt spread too much and came out short… I’ll have to try it again sometime, maybe make them narrower and let them rise less time. They should still be OK to have with soup.
  • I made sourdough spelt hot dog buns using my Sourdough Burger Buns recipe, and just shaped them into 5×3 ovals (makes 10 buns).
  • I made white sourdough sandwich bread for my family who is still hooked on packaged bread (it was a great success!)
  • I made sprouted spelt tortillas; one batch following Wardeh’s recipe, another batch taking the recipe from Spelt Healthy but using sprouted spelt flour instead. I think I like the version without baking powder better. I do like Wardeh’s tip about rolling out on an oil-covered surface; MUCH nicer than using a flour-covered surface and having flour-tasting tortillas.
  • I made turkey, black bean, and chipotle enchiladas with the above tortillas and leftover turkey; they came out great!
  • I made batches of homemade coffee and blueberry yogurt for the family, since my son has been on a packaged yogurt kick
  • I made a big pot of beef stock to freeze for making French onion soup next week.

There is one more day left on the book giveaway, so if you haven’t entered yet, go enter now.

Go see what’s twisting in everyone else’s kitchen at GNOWFGLINS. Thanks again, Wardeh, for hosting this fun blog carnival!

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