Menu Plan Monday – Week of 1/25/2010

I am going to post last week’s menu too, because we made so many modifications due to a schedule change (the advantage of planning your meals 2-3 weeks ahead with things you already have in the pantry is it’s really easy to switch things around).

Meanwhile, the eating from the pantry thing is still going strong. I was hoping to have the big freezer cleaned out by the end of the month, but it looks like it will carry us well into February, or at least a little way in. I need to do a real inventory, but we have some frozen soup, broth, and side dishes, as well as a whole turkey, shrimp, mussels, and some whiting that I bought on sale (for less than $2/lb. wild-caught).

Monday 1/18 – Mussels Gratin
Tuesday 1/19 – Calzones
Wednesday 1/20 – Chicken & Spaghetti Casserole (from The Big Book of Casseroles)
Thursday 1/21 – Crockpot Honey Lentils (this was the family’s favorite lentil meal; it was really good!)
Friday 1/22 – Hot dogs, baked beans, lacto-fermented sauerkraut
Saturday 1/22 – Spinach & Feta Crustless Quiche
Sunday 1/23 – Lamb sausage, rice, sauteed spinach

Monday – Ham, Pepper, Snap Pea, and Pineapple Hawaiian Casserole (from The Big Book of Casseroles), rice

Tuesday – Tuna Pasta

Wednesday – Tempeh Stirfry (bok choy, broccoli, spinach, turnip, cabbage, sprouted mung beans)

Thursday – (older son’s birthday, on request) Hamburgers, Sweet potato fries

Friday – Moroccan Chicken Stew

Saturday – (family party for son’s birthday) Grass-fed beef tenderloin, french fries

Sunday – Pork roast

I also don’t usually post breakfast ideas; we usually have some on-sale cereal that the rest of the family eats, and I usually make a batch of some breakfast related item and have that throughout the week. This past week we had:

  • baked rice pudding
  • Trader Joe’s gluten-free english muffin with egg and soy cheese
  • almond flour cinnamon banana bread & kefir
  • french toast & bacon
  • leftover quiche

Here are the breakfast ideas I am thinking of for this week. I won’t make them all, but we have all of the ingredients for any of the following:

  • SCD Pancakes (I think I will try the one labelled “Pancakes III”)
  • Butterscotch Rice
  • Buckwheat Banana Bread
  • Vegan Buckwheat Banana Pancakes
  • Pumpkin Pudding (some kind of cross between this squash pudding recipe and this pumpkin pudding recipe
  • I have a little Buckwheat Banana Bread Granola left, so I can have that with kefir if I don’t have time to make another breakfast one morning
  • The baby really liked the French toast I made for him (spelt bread with goat’s milk and egg yolks). I want to make some spelt or gluten-free French toast sticks for him and freeze them; I’ll post the recipe soon if anyone wants it.

One Response to “Menu Plan Monday – Week of 1/25/2010”

  1. Lesli Says:

    I just discovered your site and I love the concept! I really love to find more healthy recipes and like minded people, so now that I’ve found you, I’ll be sure to visit regularly.

    Thanks for the nod to Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes on . I hope you do try them cuz they’re really good and good for you!

    Have a fantastic day and I can’t wait to visit again and spend more time 🙂

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