Tuesday Twister 2/16/10 – Birthday Party Goodies, Bollur (Icelandic Cream Puffs)

Things have been hectic here so I am a day late with my Tuesday Twister post. My Valentine’s baby had his first birthday, so we had a lot of baking/prep for the party. None of it is “Traditional Foods” per se… it’s all white sugar and white spelt flour, although you could use rapadura in the meringue. Also, some of this has dairy (all of the whipped cream), although the custard was made with goat milk (and could have been made with some other non-dairy milk).

Birthday Spread

Here’s what we have:

  • A brauĂ°terta (“bread cake”): egg salad with chopped ham and asparagus between layers of spelt bread, covered with sliced ham and decorated with asparagus and egg
  • A Sachertorte (chocolate and almond cake, with apricot jam sandwiched inside and spread over top, and then covered with a chocolate glaze, made with white spelt flour)
  • A sugar-free, gluten-free quinoa carob cake with coconut-apple juice frosting (recipe from Allergy Cooking with Ease)
  • A meringue cake (meringue is brown sugar and egg whites), filled with whipped cream with chopped dark chocolate and dates, and then topped with whipped cream with cocoa powder mixed in as well as chocolate-covered orange candies from Trader Joe’s
  • Bollur (Icelandic cream puffs), filled with either vanilla custard or whipped cream and blueberry jam and topped with melted Icelandic chocolate. These are a tradition on the Monday before Lent, Bolludagur or “Bun Day”. It is like the English tradition of making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday to get rid of eggs, sugar, and flour before Lent. Mine were made with spelt flour and came out perfectly.

Everything was wonderful and well received, although I was pretty tired after all of this (and cleaning the house, since my husband was working the day before).

Go visit GNOWFGLINS to see what’s been twisting in everyone else’s kitchens!

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