Real Food Challenge Recap

I thought the Nourished Kitchen Real Food Challenge was really interesting. Although I know a lot already about real food, I did learn a lot from these daily assignments.

Coincidentally, my menu plan for last week included red meat, wild salmon (stay tuned for the recipe), and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Although we didn’t have any liver last week, I am trying to work out the details to buy a whole local lamb, liver and all (we might even get extra liver because other people don’t like it, but we have plenty of recipes for lamb liver).

I also made chicken stock like I always do when we have a roast bird, and this time I tried making it in the crockpot, which I’ve never done before, but it worked out perfectly, since we had a busy weekend. I think my biggest challenge going forward is to incorporate bone broth into more of our daily meals. Well, that and to throw out my family’s packaged cereal (I don’t touch the stuff but I haven’t been able to wean them off of it), and the non-dairy milk in the cupboard that I keep for emergencies when I can’t get raw goat milk from my neighbour, since I can’t have cow’s milk.

Thanks, Jenny, for hosting the Real Food Challenge! It was a lot of fun!

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