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Tuesday Twister: Almond butter squash brownies – Oxtail soup – Spelt French bread – Gluten-free Deep Dish Pizza

November 24, 2009


Here is my entry in the GNOWFGLINS Tuesday Twister blog carnival.

The sprouted buckwheat porridge from last week was excellent! It definitely will make it into the regular breakfast rotation.

I had some leftover squash from making stuffed squash last week, so I made almond butter & squash “brownies”, which were really good. I am thinking I should make them next time we have a gathering with my parents, since they are on a low-carb diet.

I also tried making oxtail soup for the first time. It was a success, although I learned that our family likes it better with the fat strained out (something I haven’t seen in any recipe). I made some spelt French bread from the recipe in Spelt Healthy. I’ve made this recipe before, but when I made it all I had was whole grain spelt flour. This time I made it as written with mostly white spelt flour (I bought a bunch of white spelt flour from Shiloh Farms when ordering other grains, so I had it on hand). It really isn’t very flavorful that way, it’s much better as a whole grain bread. I was hoping to make sourdough bread this weekend instead but my house has been cold and my sourdough starter didn’t catch (I have had really good luck getting sourdough started here in the past, but I had to start over because my starter was moldy). Luckily, my starter is nice and active now (I’ve kept it near the wood stove) and getting ready to bake bread tomorrow.

Due to the fact that Monday’s chicken was not thawed yet, I made the gluten-free deep dish pizza instead, and it was a great success. This will definitely be in our commonly repeated meals, especially since it can be made ahead.

We are hosting my whole family for Thanksgiving this week, so there will be a whole lot of cooking for that: pies, cranberry sauce, and everything else.

And the last thing twisting in my kitchen is my 9 month old, who really enjoys pulling cookbooks off of the shelf. I’m planning to have a cookbook giveaway on my blog next week to make space on the shelves so I can empty the bottom one. Stay tuned!

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Lacto-Fermented Veggies, Sourdough, Mayonnaise (Tuesday Twister – 11/17/2009)

November 17, 2009


I’m participating in the GNOWFGLINS Tuesday Twister blog carnival again this week.

It has been another busy kitchen week! I needed to make some frozen meals for our church fair, as well as meals for two friends who just had babies, so I decided to make Spiced & Fragrant Chicken, which was a hit in my house when I made it before. Chicken legs were on sale for 49 cents/pound, so I made enough for 4 people for around $12! I made a huge pot, and it’s now in my freezer, ready for delivery. Making this also made me think that I really want to try doing a OAMC project one of these weeks; I just have to come up with a good assortment of recipes to make together. Since we have special dietary needs, the meal plans at Once a Month Mom don’t quite work, but something like that would be great.

I tried making mayonnaise for the first time! I keep meaning to try it but being afraid to. I had some egg yolks left over from making gluten-free sourdough hamburger buns, so I decided to try the recipe at Cooking For Engineers. I love that site, maybe it’s the engineer in me. ­čśë He has you whisk together the ingredients. I have always loved doing things by hand anyway, and I feel like you have a lot more control over the speed at which you add the olive oil this way. It came out perfectly, now I won’t be intimidated about making it again. It was such a fun experience; it’s almost like magic how it emulsifies.

Cortido & Sauerkraut

Maybe this week should be “what is growing in your kitchen.” I have buckwheat sprouting on the counter, to use in either sprouted buckwheat granola or buckwheat porridge. I also finally got around to starting a sourdough starter again. I am not sure if it would be ready for Thanksgiving, but at least I will have it soon. I really miss my sourdough; I should have frozen my starter when my nine month old was born but I didn’t get around to it.

The kefir is still going strong. I’ve been using it to make smoothies.

And that’s not all. I made lacto-fermented sauerkraut and cortido. I really feel a sense of accomplishment!

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Tuesday Twister – 11/10/09

November 10, 2009

I decided to participate in GNOWFGLINS Tuesday Twister blog carnival this week, because there are a lot of fun things going on in my kitchen this week. i feel like I was cooking all weekend. My camera is not behaving so I don’t have good pictures right now.

Wardeh sent me some goat kefir grains, so I have been having fun getting goat’s milk kefir going. I made some kefir pancakes, but they weren’t soaked because I didn’t plan ahead, so I’m going to try making soaked kefir pancakes later. I also made some soaked-grain “cornbread”.

Even though we’ve been having some warm weather here, I seem to be in soup mode. I made pumpkin soup, white bean and kale soup, and beef stew.

I also did a lot of appetizer cooking & baking this weekend: I had a friend’s birthday party and a church celebration to bring food too, so I used up some things I had around the house (cooked chick peas, a zucchini, swiss chard from the farmer’s market) and made hummus, zucchini & onion pakoras, swiss chard and feta egg squares, pumpkin cupcakes with carob frosting, and carob chip cookies.

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