Back from hiatus – some fun things to check out

I have not posted in ages!  Part of the issue is that we have been very busy around here, which means I don’t have as much time to invent recipes or even sometimes plan meals that far in advance.

A few fun things to share:

1. We had some excellent vegan saag paneer for supper tonight. There is some controversy about tofu and its healthfulness, but I think it’s a more traditional fermented soy product and OK in small quantities. If you are concerned about tofu and can do dairy, you could always make your own paneer. The base recipe is nice and easy.

2. Rhubarb is in season right now, so we tried this paleo strawberry rhubarb crumble. As written, it is very tart, but only one of us added any honey to it. Next time I make it, I would probably add a few spoons of honey to the recipe or else make sure to use more strawberries. Overall, it was very good.

3. There is an excellent Kitchen-Aid giveaway at the amazing Apron Strings Blog. Go check it out!!


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