Menu Plan Monday – Week of 1/11/10

I haven’t officially joined LifeAsMom’s Eat From the Pantry Challenge, but I am not sure why not. I have similar goals to her; we want to try and defrost the big freezer soon (although it will be into February because I have a turkey in there to cook that we won’t have a chance to cook until then), and we are trying to save money on food bills. I have planned out most of this month from the pantry/freezer with a few fresh additions (mostly produce, some pasta since I never stock up on the brown rice pasta since it never goes on sale). So far, we haven’t saved a lot of money, because we bought some things on really good sale (big can of olive oil for $5, Celestial Seasonings Christmas tea for 90 cents a box), but I am hoping the savings will trickle to the rest of the month (I think I took care of most of the shopping other than milk for the next two weeks).

Since we have almost a month of meals planned, and many are from items in the freezer or pantry, this meal plan is subject to change (I may swap out a planned meal from next week with one from this week) but so far:

Monday – Black beans (another recipe from an old Cooking Traditional Foods Menu Mailer; this one is super-popular in my house and cheap and basic), brown rice, some sort of veggie (likely salad)

Tuesday – Shrimp Yakisoba (we got a deal on shrimp for entertaining over the holidays and have leftover)

Wednesday – Leek and Goat Cheese Tart (recipe from The French Market: More Recipes from a French Kitchen with some kind of gluten-free crust)

Thursday – Sausage and Peppers

Friday – Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce

Saturday – Spinach & Feta Quiche with Rice Crust

Sunday – Eggs and Bacon


2 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday – Week of 1/11/10”

  1. Rona Says:

    So, did you decided to participated in the challenge?

    Stop by my blog and participate in my question: Do you wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes?

  2. Millie@Real Food for Less Money Says:

    Leek and goat cheese tart sounds yummy. I wonder if I could do something like that using kefir cheese… I’m thinking that will be a near future kitchen experiment 🙂

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